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The Family Business Experts

All family businesses face unique, ever increasing challenges and opportunities. At Spinnaker Leadership Associates, Inc. of Landenberg, Pennsylvania, we help you compete on the national and global stage. Our focus is leadership and business succession.

Build Your Family Enterprise

Many family businesses become public corporations, but some remain family-owned enterprises, even as they grow into multibillion dollar operations. Just as it takes focus and teamwork to win a competitive sailboat race, it takes family members working together to make a family business prosper and survive for generations. We help you navigate successfully and avoid common pitfalls so you can build a true family dynasty.

Father and Son

Planning for Succession

Less than 15% of family businesses survive to and through the second generation of leadership. Those that fail, do so for a variety of reasons. All family businesses face economic, market, competitive, and leadership challenges, but many fail due to poor succession planning. Practical leadership succession planning, ownership succession, and transition structuring are critical to the health of your current business, to the future of your business, and to the use, growth, protection, and preservation of the family enterprise assets. Lack of a practical and sustainable leadership succession plan leads, at best, to uncertainty and a costly loss of momentum. In the worst (and more frequent) scenario, it leads to internal squabbling and the demise of the enterprise.

Family Business: Practical Leadership Succession Planning

Our founder literally wrote the book on family business succession planning. Family Business: Practical Leadership Succession Planning provides valuable insights to enhance your leadership impact and your leadership succession plans and actions.

Simplify & Enhance the Process of Succession

Help Ensure Continuing Financial Success for You, Your Business, & Your Family
Enhance the Effectiveness & Balance of Your Professional Leadership & Private Life

Don't Make Costly Assumptions

Many family business founders believe, often without asking, that their children want to lead the enterprise someday. However, in most cases, the next generation has other career aspirations and wants no part in leading the family business. When the founder is finally gone, each member of the next generation will pursue his or her real interests and the family business will languish, to be eventually sold or shut down, ending the family's source of income and the founder's legacy.

Get The Right Professional Advice

When family business founders seek business succession advice from their long-time advisors — attorneys, accountants, teachers, relatives, friends, or others with insufficient experience about business succession — the focus often moves much too quickly to ownership transition. Often, there is an assumption that leadership succession will occur naturally or be determined later. Ownership transition without practical leadership succession planning is a formula for business disaster and often results in passing a hollow shell to the next generation.

Practical leadership succession planning must be given priority over ownership transition. Put leadership enhancement programs and performance motivational plans in place well in advance of planned or unexpected ownership transition. Develop and implement creative, practical plans that accomplish your objectives without the issues associated with trust funds or insurance policies.  We can help you.