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Reach Your Full Potential

Few people are 100% satisfied with their careers. If you are the rare individual who is ideally matched to your job and you thoroughly enjoy it, congratulate yourself. If you want something more, contact Spinnaker Leadership Associates, Inc. in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. We specialize in career planning to help you achieve your goals.

Don't Settle

Our studies show that more than 80% of people employed today are not happy in their jobs or are seeking a better work-life balance. These people range from those who have just started working to later-stage executives to those experiencing downsizing or facing retirement. Don't settle for a career you're not happy with. We can help you decide what you should really be doing with your professional life.

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Feeling Stuck

Money is one of the major factors that keep people in the wrong careers—or the perception that money will come later. Other factors include parental guidance, teacher or professor influence, and peer or social pressure. These factors are essentially irrelevant to successful career choices, but are abetted by a vacuum of actual investigation into or experimenting with an individual's capability and personal aspirations. Thus, career options are more often than not decided in a happenstance way. By the time the money or other factors become less important, the career choice may be perceived as permanent.

It's Never Too Late

Choosing a new career course, especially for those who have been in the workplace for some time, may seem to be a daunting task. But it's never too late to create attractive career alternatives. If you are tired of sailing the same old career course and want a new, exciting compass heading, contact us. We have helped many professionals significantly improve their satisfaction of their current positions or identify and develop new, stimulating careers.

A Rewarding Job with Work-Life Balance

Imagine working in a rewarding job that you love. If you're ready to increase the reward of your current job, start your own business, or transition into a new career—contact us for an initial, no-obligation consultation. We help professionals achieve greater job satisfaction and better work-life balance.

Examples of Key Career Development & Achievement Questions We Can Answer For You:

1) How do I determine what I want to do for the rest of my life?
2) How do I define my professional strengths and weaknesses?
3) Are mentors important?
4) How do I find a mentor?
5) How do I determine what jobs I should pursue?
6) How do I determine what education I need?
7) What are the key elements of a resume?
8) How do I prepare for an interview?
9) What is a non-compete agreement?
10) What is a confidentiality agreement?