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Leadership & Strategic Business Management

Your company has a bright future. Spinnaker Leadership Associates, Inc. of Landenberg, PA, helps you reach your full potential. We specialize in leadership and strategic business management coaching for startups, family businesses, public corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Practical Solutions

You don't have time to reinvent the wheel or test unproven theories yourself. We offer effective, practical advice that helps you accomplish your goals as quickly as possible. Our services are creative, straightforward, experience-based, and tailored to your priorities, such as:

• Leadership Impact at All Levels
• Executive Team Effectiveness & Productivity
• Operational Issues
• Business Management
• Succession & Transition Processes
• Delegation Practices
   • Corporate Structuring
• Employee Compensation, Commitment, Motivation & Incentives
• Professional Effectiveness
• Recruiting
• Interviewing
• Hiring
• Career Transition & Advancement
• Strategic Business Planning & Competitive Positioning


Better Management

Good management is essential to any successful business. Some key questions that challenge managers and leaders include:

• What can I do to better motivate my employees?
• How do I delegate more effectively?
• How can I improve my leadership effectiveness?
• What are the key elements of a successful employee compensation program?
• What are the key elements of a job description?
• How should I set prices of my products or services?

Successful Startups

Starting a new business is much like competitive sailing in a challenging environment. Careful planning, preparation, and execution are essential to survival and winning. We show you how to get your business out ahead of the others. Your new business should be founded and premised on answering an identified market need and/or on your professional passions. Once your target market and your passions have been identified, you should create the following:

• Your Vision Statement - In as few words as possible, describe where you are       taking your business.
• Your Mission Statement - In as few words as possible, describe how your business will accomplish your vision.
• Your Ideal Structure - Decide whether to form as a sole proprietorship, LLC, or LLP, or a subchapter S or C corporation
• Your Strategic Business Plan - Create a plan for how you will run your business.

Total Support

When you hire Spinnaker Leadership Associates, Inc., you'll have professional support with all of the above, and more. We offer in-depth, professional assistance with planning, structuring, starting, and implementing new businesses.

Business People

Examples of Challenging Startup Questions We Can Help you with:

1) Why should I incorporate my business? What does it cost?
2) Should I choose Sole Proprietorship, Subchapter S, LLS, LLP, "C" corporation, or nonprofit for my business structure? Why?
3) Which is better - LLC, LLP, or Subchapter S?
4) What is the difference between authorized and issued shares of stock?
5) How many shares should I issue for my new business?
6) Should I offer stock ownership to my employees?
7) What are the key elements of a vision statement, a mission statement and business values?
8) What are the key elements of a business plan?
9) What are the key elements of a job description?
10) How do I determine prices for my products or services?